Custom Molding Profile Facility

Boyce Highlands, Inc.

Boyce Highlands, Inc. focuses on manufacturing finished and unfinished mouldings in our New Hampshire factory, designed and built specifically for this purpose. We stock a full range of hardwoods and have the ability to work with any specialty lumbers requested by our customers.

Custom Mouldings

Our CAD department works hand in hand with customers to create or match ANY moulding profile needed. Perfect for custom jobs, restoration, or replacement projects.

Custom Molding Profile Drawing
Custom Pre-Finishing Facility

Quality Staining & Finishing

With over 31 years under our belt, our in house lab does it all. Whether it be stains, paints, primers or any other material, we work hard to ensure the perfect finish for any job.

Packaging and Delivery

Packaging & Delivery

Regardless of order size we have you covered. From individual piece wrapping to bulk packaging and shipping, we can tailor our process to meet any customers packing or delivery needs.

Domestic and Exotic Hardwood Species
Unmatched Species Selection

With access to hundreds of different lumber species, we have the right stuff for any job

Glue-Up Materials

Our glue-up department allows us to manufacture materials for a variety of projects and uses

Custom Molding Profiles
Custom Molding Profiles
& Knife Grinding

Any molding profile you can imagine. We draw the profiles and create the knives in house

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