CAD Drawing

Requests for unique molding styles are forwarded to our dedicated CAD department who in turn, work directly with customers to achieve the exact profile and dimensions needed for the job. Knives are cut in-house, and moldings are made to the tightest tolerances and consistency in the industry.

Profile Sanding

Moldings are profile sanded and buffed to meet customer specifications. with the use of our state of the art automated sanding equipment we can create the exact texture or finish necessary. Whether it’s a five star hotel in Manhattan or a mammoth sports arena.

Staining and Finishing

At Boyce we utilize a set of state of the art spray machines that coat each piece of material evenly for a beautifully consistent finish. We also use an automatic drying & racking system allowing the material to dry without human contact.

Packing and Shipping

From bulk packing to individually wrapped pieces, Boyce Highlands’ capabilities are divers, and can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual order. We will custom package for large or small jobs, and work closely with

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