About Us

Welcome To Boyce Highlands, Inc.

With 37 years of experience, Boyce Highlands has developed an in-depth understanding of our customer’s needs. The sales force is comprised of experienced professionals capable of helping the customer through all phases of the ordering process. Once an order is placed, our competent customer service representative keeps a close eye on scheduling to assure on time delivery. From there, our expert production department and quality control team manufactures your moldings to the utmost level of accuracy. Thus, making Boyce Highlands the highest quality molding manufacturer in the Northeast.

Our Team

John Lentine
Office: (603) 753-1042
(603) 496-7889

Brien Murphy
Vice President
Office: (603) 753-1042
(717) 818-6880

Bruce MacKenzie
Regional Sales Manager
Office: (603) 753-1042
(603) 724-8680

Karen Durkan
Office: (603) 753-1042

Dave Welch
Scheduling & Shipping
Office: (603) 753-1042

Sean Kruger
Customer Service
Office: (603) 753-1042

Brent Rheinhardt
General Manager
Office: (603) 753-1042

Brock Hoffman
Sales Representative
Office: (603) 753-1042

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